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Welcome to WOMEN OF TREIGN, 
Sydney’s first Women Focused Strength & Conditioning facility.

Our mission is to get women thinking about how training benefits their life - beyond the aesthetics. We provide a platform that encourages women to love their bodies for what they can DO, not just how they look.

%22Joining Treign has been, without a doubt in my mind, one of the best things I’ve ever done. I’ve always loved the gym and being able to challenge myself, but when I walk into Women of Treign it’s just so much more t.png

TREIGN with us In
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3. Membership



"When I joined Treign I was frustrated – not just with how my body looked, but also how I felt everyday. I had stopped seeing results with my old training program which had caused me to lose confidence and motivation.
Within just a few months at Treign I have realised that I’m much stronger and fitter than I give myself credit for, both physically and mentally. Despite training while recovering from an injury, I have achieved PB after PB and finished workouts that I never imagined I would be capable of!"

Amanda Gravitas


"When I first joined I lacked confidence and underestimated myself at every opportunity. SINCE JOINING I have seen such a positive change in how I perceive myself. I am amazed at what I have achieved and am focused on where I want to be."

Lauren Burroughs


"Normally I would have to drag myself to the gym but that all changed with Treign. I looked forward to going in and working hard with some great women around me and encouraging me to push myself. The classes are diverse and challenging so my week was never the same. The time I spent at Treign changed my whole attitude towards exercising and healthy living."

Louise Duffy

"They really have hit a sweet spot; I love weight training but I love cardio too, the gym has a great mix of both all catered to the individual. As the classes are quite small you get real one on one coaching which in turn definitely speeds up individual progress."

Francesca Cissell