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We are here to fundamentally change the way women approach fitness. Exercise should be fun. It should challenge you. It should leave you feeling proud, confident & fulfilled. It should be done with friends (new or old), and instil in you the philosophy that nothing is impossible if you show up and put in work.

Women of Treign is not your everyday gym. Here, mirrors are conspicuous for their absence and success is measured in joy and pride. Our community of united, supportive women speaks loudly to the success of performance based training.

Our mission is to get women thinking about how training benefits their life - beyond the aesthetics. Treign provides a platform that encourages women to love their bodies for what they can DO, not just how they look.

Living in a state of constant self-doubt and dissatisfaction is no way to set yourself up for a life you love & enjoy. We have been blessed with beautiful, strong bodies - no matter the size or shape. Our mission is to help you realise that, connect with that, live by that & then inspire other women to do the same.


We believe that “complete” fitness is not the mastery of one domain, but of all domains. We believe that the most efficient and sustainable way to achieve a state of optimal fitness involves building strength, endurance, skills, mobility and mental toughness.

Our program is structured around strength training. We believing building a body that is strong is the most bang-for-your-buck way to stay fit and healthy for years to come.

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We start with the basics. Our On-Boarding program makes sure all our members have an adequate understanding of strength movements, proper technique as well as their personalised starting points (whether they’re on a progression program or lifting barbells). Our small group class format allows us to individualise each athletes workout, ensuring performance and progress is optimised.

We also include accessory work into each of our strength sessions. These focus on building a strong midline (core), strengthening the stability of our joints, activating lazy muscles (oftentimes the hamstrings & glutes) and building body awareness through the use of gymnastics & mobility work.

Alongside the ‘Treigning’, much of what we do within our doors consists of mindset coaching.  We train our minds to push through these uncomfortable situations, and as you get more 'comfortable being uncomfortable', your fitness capacity increases, but so does your mental strength. This strength translates to all areas of life. Not only do we grow strong and more confident in the gym, but in our jobs (asking for that promotion you know you deserve) and in our personal life (finally saying goodbye to that toxic relationship). The strength we foster and grow in the gym carries over to every domain of our life.

Our Elevate classes are our conditioning classes or "cardio" if you prefer.

These short burst of high-intensity workouts will see you the best results in your training. They are the most effective way to torch body fat and rev up that metabolism. But this isn't a jog on the treadmill... In one session you will see multiple workouts that vary in duration from 2 minutes to 25 minutes. You will never see two of the same workouts. The vibe is up-beat, everyone encourages each other & (most importantly) it's FUN! 


We sit down with each of our athletes every 12 weeks to establish and re-evaluate goals and benchmarks. We use our InBody570 body scan machine to help give us a more detailed insight into your body composition measurements. This includes body fat %, muscle mass, visceral (internal) fat, hydration levels, Basal Metabolic Rate, BMI, and more… 

You can read more about the InBody570 here.

Each member receives a training journal upon joining and are encouraged to write down and log their results in each workout. We keep track of their progressions and scores on our Fitness Board within the gym. We also have our Dream Board, where all our athletes post their goals that they hope to achieve over the next year of training. We test and re-test our athletes performance every 12-16 weeks with our fitness benchmark tests. 

We have trainers that are available 365 days of the year to answer your questions & help you stay accountable. We have an amazing community of women who support, push and encourage you that little bit more when you feel those motivation levels start to decline or that tough workout getting the better of you.


We would love to find out! Take our 5-minute Online Assessment below to see if you would be a great fit for our community!