Our Classes




These sessions focus on the three foundational lifts; the Squat, Deadlift and Press/Pull. Each class focuses on initial muscle activation , a 20 minute ramp-up and a 20-30 minute work set allocation. The lifts will vary in style, reps and sets which provides a strong base of strength in all energy capacities.
We also include accessory work into each of our strength sessions. These focus on building a strong core, strengthening the stability of our joints, activating lazy muscles (oftentimes the hamstrings & glutes) and building body awareness through the use of gymnastics & mobility work.

Our small group class format allows us to individualise each athletes workout, ensuring performance and progress is optimised!


Our Elevate classes are our Conditioning/Cardio classes.

These 'short burst of high-intensity' workouts will see you the best results in your training. They are the most effective way to torch body fat and rev up that metabolism. But this isn't a jog on the treadmill... In one session you will see multiple workouts that vary in duration from 2 minutes to 25 minutes. You will never do the same workout twice, we are always changing it up and keeping it interesting! The Elevate vibe is up-beat, everyone encourages each other & (most importantly) it's FUN! 


Weekend Warrior

Our Warrior classes are held every Saturday morning. The workouts are traditionally completed in a partner or team format where you must work with your teammates to complete a task/workout! This class is the only one where we allow drop-ins, and it's also MALE FRIENDLY :) The atmosphere on a Saturday morning at Treign is the absolute best way to kick off your weekend! So grab you're favourite workout buddy and reserve your spot quickly! Spaces are limited and they fill up fast!