"Treign is such a beautiful community of women who come together to support and motivate each other through some pretty tough workouts.
When I first joined I lacked confidence and underestimated myself at every opportunity. I was pushed out of my comfort zone and subsequently would be intimated by the workouts,  hold back from going that little bit harder and scared of failing. The biggest changes materialise in that uncomfortable place. It doesn’t take long to realise that Treign is all about empowering yourself, realising how strong you are, how capable you can be regardless of your fitness level, just keep going. I have seen such a positive change in how I perceive myself and am amazed at what I have achieved and am focused on where I want to be.

The workouts are designed to push you for that sense of accomplishment and there is no better feeling than finishing that workout you never thought you were going get through or killing that final rep and realising what your body can really do.
Pushing through those moments of self-doubt and celebrating the wins, big or small together. Seeing your friend deadlift 100kg, holding a 60 second hang, using a slightly heavier dumbbell,  smashing themselves on the rower or doing one more burpee than last week.

It’s the gym I never knew I needed and have not looked back. I would encourage anyone wanting to mix up their fitness routine to come to Treign, become part of the community and see yourself flourish."


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"When I joined Treign I was frustrated – not just with how my body looked, but also how I felt everyday. I had stopped seeing results with my old training program which had caused me to lose confidence and motivation, so I decided to try something new.

Within just a few months at Treign I have realised that I’m much stronger and fitter than I give myself credit for, both physically and mentally. Despite training while recovering from an injury, I have achieved PB after PB and finished workouts that I never imagined I would be capable of!

The coaches have helped me to improve my technique, train around my injury and improve my lifestyle. They have created an incredible community of women who encourage, challenge and inspire each other to push that little bit harder –to lift a little heavier, to row a little further, to do one more rep.

I love Treign and would recommend it to anyone who wants to feel empowered to achieve and sustain their fitness goals whilst having fun at the same time!"


"WOT has made fall in love with training all over again.

Being someone who enjoys training daily, I have literally tried it all. However, I could never find the prefect mix of strength, resistance and cardio training that not only supported every aspect of a client’s needs and personal requirements but also, and just as importantly, a FUN place to train!! With kick ass trainers, a sexy gym space containing all the equipment you could dream of, this combination attracts a likeminded group of girls who support each other in every single session! If you want to feel empowered whilst training, this is the gym for you."









"Joining Treign has been, without a doubt in my mind, one of the best things I’ve ever done. I’ve always loved the gym and being able to challenge myself, but when I walk into Women of Treign it’s just so much more than that for me.

Mel and her superstar trainers, Nic and Helly - who by the way, squat more than any guy I know - It’s seriously impressive. Did you have any idea how strong you could be? Me either, until now…I digress - they make me want to keep reaching, keep pushing. They always seem to have the right words, at the right time and there are days when that just makes the world of difference.

To be honest, I don’t think I could ever really put into words just how much this place, and the incredible women in it, have done for me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart."






"I couldn’t recommend Women of Treign enough. The coaches are extremely knowledgeable and nurturing. Normally I would have to drag myself to the gym but that all changed with Treign. I looked forward to going in and working hard with some great women around me and encouraging me to push myself. The classes are diverse and challenging so my week was never the same. The time I spent at Treign changed my whole attitude towards exercising and healthy living. I joined thinking it was all about seeing those scales drop, but now weight if not my focus at all. I feel stronger, fitter, healthier and happier.

The women I met Treign inspired and encouraged me and when I didn’t think I could lift that weight/row that far/do one more burpee they assured me I could and I owned it! #TREIGNED"




"WOT has a great atmosphere thanks to its trainers and members. They have a fantastic setup, great coaching and are very welcoming and suitable for all experience levels.

They really have hit a sweet spot; I love weight training but I love cardio too, the gym has a great mix of both all catered to the individual. As the classes are quite small you get real one on one coaching which in turn definitely speeds up individual progress.

There is always plenty of coaches to help you with your form or a query and plenty of space. Every session includes a warmup before and after the WOD; what I do like is that the coaches encourage mobility and try and tailor it to what the individual needs to improve on which I find is lacking at other affiliates.
They encourage us to track our progress which in turn allows us to meet our goals quicker. I would recommend WOT to anyone who wanted a gym that really does care about its members and their progression."