Mind[re]set Seminar

Mind[re]set Seminar


We place large emphasis on mindset in our program and believe it is not just how you train but WHY that matters.

Helping to re-build the relationship you hold with your body, food & training is just as important as building up your strength under the bar.

Finding purpose and meaning in your training is powerful.

Understanding why you think the way you do is how you get there.

Are you sick of always sh*t talking yourself? (Be real! ☝🏽)

Do you want to feel good in your body no matter where you’re at on your health journey?

Interested in meeting other women who feel the same way as you and helping them overcome their road blocks?

🌟Then this evening is for you 🌟

We will cover ...

✔️ The power of Intention

✔️ Uncovering your Why

✔️ The relationship we hold with food & training

✔️ How ‘mindset’ works

✔️ ... and how to change yours!

Join us for an evening of chats & knowledge bombs ... while enjoying a glass of vino in the company of some amazing women!

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